Restore House





Restore House was always a dream for Jaime. With her love for shopping and finding the unexpected paired with Nick's keen ability to modify and fix just about anything, Restore House was born. The property holds such a special place in their hearts. In early 2013 Nick and Jaime purchased the dilapidated house along with an adjacent home and several lots surrounding the structures. The main house was in such bad shape it was in the beginning stages of being slated for demolition. After much planning and research the restoration process began.  It took a number of months, blood, sweat, and tears but was soon completed. It was amazing how the community surrounded Born Again Restored throughout the restoration process.  Daily folks would stop by to watch the progress, see what all the commotion was about and even tell stories about the history of the property.  Thankfully the home still included the vast majority of the original details. In fact, the Parker's are just the fourth owner during the 100+ year history of the property.

"The goal throughout the process was to maintain the integrity and character of the home at all costs."

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Manchi joined the Restore House team in January of 2018. She is the backbone of all the day to day activities. She lives in Coweta with her husband and two girls, and a coop full of chickens. Restore House allows her to enjoy her passion of celebrating life every day. She looks forward to future partnerships with events that will create lasting memories.


A look at our transformation...